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How to Give Friendship Jewelry

How to Give Friendship Jewelry and Why It's Important

We all have a best friend in our lives who have been there through everything with us. They have pulled us from our darkest moments and brought us back to life. These people should be celebrated and shown that they are appreciated. Take a moment to think about someone in your life who deserves everything in the world.

Okay. Do you have someone in mind? Great! Let's talk now about how friendship gifts work and why they're important. Gifting is a beautiful opportunity to nurture your relationships. When you really think about it, when's the last time you bought a gift for your best friend "just because"? Most people associate gifting with holidays or birthdays. Because of that, most people don't even think to buy those "just because" presents for the people who need them the most!

Luckily, Honeylock's ability to customize gifts make us the perfect place to pick out friendship jewelry! Let's get started on what we recommend for a special friend in your life!

1. Friendship Necklaces

One of the cutest gifts you can get your bestie is a locket with your pictures in it! This is the perfect way to show your best friend how much you care about her because its a beautiful heart locket and she gets to wear your friendship around her neck every day. We are willing to bet she NEVER takes it off! 😍

View all friendship necklaces here!

best friend necklaces

2. Friendship Bracelets

Our Custom Lover's Bracelets can easily be used between two besties! Engrave the band with "Best Friends Forever" or an inside joke or even just the two of yall's names - whatever you decide will be perfect and your best friend will be so grateful for the gift. 

View all friendship bracelets here!

best friend bracelets

3. Friendship Keychains

A simple and effective way to gift to a best friend is with a customized keychain! These keychains are casual, personalized, and still beautiful. They still show your appreciation of the friendship, but on a more casual level than gifting jewelry. Find the perfect pictures and engraving for the keychain locket and you have a solid best friend gift without breaking the bank!

View all friendship keychains here!

friendship jewelry ideas

Whatever you decide to gift to your best friend, just know that personalization is always the way to go if you want a gift to be memorable and special. Nothing makes a person feel more loved and cherished than to be thought of for no particular reason at all. 

So what did you decide to gift to your bestie? Let us know in the comments, and while you're at it let us know what you thought about the blog. If you have any blog topics you would like us to cover in the future, we would love to hear about that as well.

As always, stay sweet, Honey Lock Babes! We'll catch you next week on the blog!



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