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Caring For Jewelry 101

If you are a jewelry person and love to wear beautiful jewelry, you must know the importance of proper care for your jewelry. If you are thinking of how to care for Jewelry 101, this article is for you.

Stainless Steel Care

Stainless steel jewelry is truly simple to clean. You have to just follow some simple steps. Add some warm water in a bowl, and include soft dishwashing cleanser. Dip a lint-free and soft cloth in the foamy water and after that wipe the stainless steel jewelry very delicately with a damp cloth until clean. When cleaning it, rub the thing along the polish lines. Wipe the rest of the cleanser off your jewelry utilizing moist cloth dipped in clean water. Dry the jewelry well with a towel, and after that leave the pieces to air dry. After your stainless steel jewelry is clean, you can use jewelry clean or a cleaning fabric to make it look shiny.

Vermeil Gold 

Add some warm water in a bowl and mix it with dish cleanser. Put the jewelry into a bowl and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Utilize a delicate toothbrush to clean the jewelry softly. Remove the thing from the soapy water, wash it and dry with a soft fabric. You can likewise utilize a cleaning kit for extra sparkle and to remove any stain. You can also bring precious stone rings to a jeweler and ask as to whether they can put clean your piece. You can buy a jewelry cleanser as it is a modest and great investment especially if you are interested to keep your jewelry at its best.

Sterling Silver

Silver stains immediately when it comes into contact with oxygen or sulfur. Joyfully, the best measure to keep this is wearing your silver jewelry frequently. The oils in your skin help to prevent discoloring. While putting away your silver jewelry, use a plastic bag like a Ziploc and if you can, put in a bit of chalk or a silica gel the little parcels in new shoes, these will help to prevent discolor while you are not wearing your silver. If your silver is discolored the most ideal approach to clean it is with a jewelry cleaning fabric.

Tips for Care

There are some important tips to keep in mind for jewelry care

Organize your jewelry

When your jewelry is not organized, your jewelry doesn't generally get along. So pack the jewelry pieces in individual soft fabric pockets or lined jewelry boxes to avoid dulling, scratching, and the tangling of chains.



Water can be one of the enemies of jewelry. Trapped or unnecessary moisture can make the metal stain, rust or pit. Wipe the jewelry pieces with a soft material or use a make brush plunged into a foamy dishwashing fluid soapsuds to bring back the sparkle.

Store Properly

Putting everything together into a cabinet will definitely make a problem. Chains get tangled, and obviously, jewelry pieces get lost. It is important to have a proper jewelry box that keeps pieces that separated. If you don't have one, in any event, wrap them independently in a soft fabric and place them in a shoe box. Opal and pearls likewise need some humidity. So don't store them in a security store box, and don't give them a chance to dry out. When they do, they can't be restored.

Use a Jewelry Roll

It is tough to travel with jewelry, so it is wise to utilize a jewelry case to secure your most loved pieces. Jewelry rolls are generally made of leather, with bands and snaps proposed to verify your jewelry.

Clearly, you likewise don't place it in your luggage, where rough handling might be a concern. It is a small investment to make when you are out and about with your jewelry to guarantee proper jewelry care.


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